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    Our Product - Big Grains Series

one the best options for your kitchen and bathroom

Big Grains Series

The countertop made of quartz stone is one the best options for your kitchen and bathroom, as it is made from one of the hardest material available on our planet. It is generally, a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by a polyester resin.

There are numerous good features of this type of stone that makes it more popular among the people and most of the time people preferred it more over granite products. Quartz stone countertop is typically stronger in flexibility and hardness, and less porous than natural stone. Even it requires less maintenance and it is better resistance to stains.

The countertop made of quartz stone manufactured by our company is of elite quality and comparatively cheap in prices. There are various types of quartz stone slabs made by our company, which are categorized in different series. A big grains is one of the optimum series of quartz stone, which is more durable than any other natural stone. This series comes in many different colors and designs which includes frost white, pebble rock, black metallic, brown metallic, and nougat quartz stones. So, by selecting and installing the big grains quartz stone countertop in your kitchen and bathroom, make it more elegant and luxurious in look.