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    Our Product - Galaxy Series

Our company manufactures and exports various types of quartz stones

Galaxy Series

A really easy way to elevate the looks of a traditional house or outdated kitchen is just by installing quartz stones countertops and gives your dwelling a new and beautiful look. Unlike other types of normal stone countertops, quartz ones are manufactured and engineered in factories, which is made by at least 90 % of pure ground minerals.

Our company manufactures and exports various types of quartz stones that are categorized in different series.
Galaxy series is one of the series of quartz stones, which comes in many colors including white, black, ivory, red, yellow, light grey, dark grey, brown, dark brown, orange, camel, green, blue, sky blue, pink, and the list is endless. This series of quartz stones is named after its appearance resembles a galaxy. These types of quartz stone countertop are typically stronger in flexibility and toughness, and less porous than natural stone. It is typically uniform in structure; whereas natural stone may by-nature contain clefts, cracks, or weaknesses in structure.

The galaxy series of quartz stone slab is in high demand among the customers not just only in India but also in rest of the world.

Our company manufactures and delivers the finest quality of quartz countertop and that is also at comparative prices.